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We continue to covet your prayers for our trip to Poland this month.

This blog as moved. Please visit Reformation for Poland  and Evangelos  to see current information and updates. We hope to post while we are in Poland. Please support our team with prayer and encouragement.


I know we’re not trying to tackle the whole Polish language, but this is an excellent video for basic pronunciation.


RCC’s last two fundraisers have been successful and enjoyable!

Thank you to any of you who prayed about our Art Auction on February 25th.

We received a beautiful selection of donated artwork. Thank you to all you amazing artists! And thank you to all those who purchased work and donated to the trip.

Special thanks Joseph and Hannah for making this happen!

The Poland Fundraiser Dance was also a success.

Swing dance instruction

Margay Hoy

Thank you to those who participated, both with the preparation work (food, decorations, chair stacking, etc…), dance music and instruction, and clean up! I think everyone had an amazing time. Thank you to all who came!

Special thanks to Rebekah for all her hard work!

Future Poland Team events include-

-March 25th-27th – Meeting, fellowship, and music practice in Langley.
-April 2nd – Fundraiser Fine Arts Day Camp at RCC
-April 15th-16th – Fundraiser Estate/Rummage  Sale
-May 20th – Fundraiser Concert at RCC
-Regular meetings and music practice!

Please keep the preparation for these events in your prayers.

Thank you!

for the RCC Team

“Rejoice” original.

Thanks to some excellent brainstorming and wonderful artists, we are having a silent art auction this Friday combined with RCC’s annual Winter Arts Festival.

Please pray for-

-Lots of good artwork.
-Time and precision for artists still finishing work.
-That donated art would come in on time.
-Well organized, calm preparation on Friday.
-Generous art and missions patrons!
-An altogether enjoyable and fruitful event.

Thank you!



Welcome to the Poznan/Gdansk 2011 mission trip blog!

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding more details—including further information on Poznan and Gdansk (the two cities we’ll be visiting).

Please check back often and/or add us to your blog reader feed: we’ll post updates here as often as necessary.